Wild Boar Hunter

A Wild Shooting Adventure

The Wild Boars are on the loose in this fun online hunting game.  You’re armed with a shotgun and it’s your job to kill as many of these boars as possible without letting too many escape.  The boars are deceptively quick and as you progress through the game, you may have as many as 6 or more boars on the screen at once, so getting them all is a real challenge.  TIP:  Try to shoot them in the head on the first shot to kill them dead.  Hitting them in the body just slows them down and wastes your time.

Game Instructions:

  • Position the shotgun’s crosshairs on the wild boars with your mouse.
  • Left click the mouse to shoot your weapon.
  • No ammo limit, so blast away and kill as many boars as you can to score points
  • If you miss 5 wild boars, the game is over.

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