Turkey Shooter

A Ridiculous Turkey Hunting Game!

Game Instructions:
We realize this is one of the more ridiculous hunting games on the site, but it’s still fun, especially for the younger hunters.    In Turkey Shooter, there’s a bunch of turkeys popping out of the bird houses.  At first there’s only a few, but as the game progresses, more turkeys appear that you need to hunt.  It’s up to you to blast the turkeys as fast as you can.  If you hesitate too long, they will fly away and it will be even more difficult to hit them with your darts.

Use your mouse to move your arrow from side to side and line up the turkey you want to shoot. Left click the mouse to power up the dart. Hold the mouse button down longer to get enough power for the higher turkeys, but don’t use too much power for the lower ones or you’ll miss.   Hit enough turkeys to move on to the next, more difficult rounds.

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