Turkey Hunting

Experience a Real World Turkey Hunt

Turkey Hunting has been rated one of the top 3 games on this site, and for good reason.  The game features multiple hunting seasons and environments which you can select.  You can also choose from various hunting stands, camouflage patterns and bow hunting vs. shotgun hunting.  All of these options mean you can play this game multiple times and never have the same hunting experience twice.  If you’re looking to play a realistic turkey hunting game, then this is the best game around.  You will also enjoy deer hunting & bear hunting as well.


Game Instructions:

  • Start the game by entering your name and clicking on the type of hunt you want to do.
  • Choose the hunting stand you want to use, as well as your camouflage and if you want to hunt with a shotgun or bow.
  • Click the Hunt button to start hunting.
  • Use your map to move around the hunting grounds.
  • Use the arrow keys to move in a 360 degree direction in the hunting ground.
  • Also you can lure in the Turkeys by using the slate and box calls.  The binoculars will help you locate the turkeys at a distance.
  • When you see a turkey coming, wait for it to approach then click “raise”.  This will raise your weapon.
  • Once it’s in range, left click your mouse to shoot.  If you miss you can always move locations and find another turkey.

Be sure to post the size of the turkey you shoot in the comments section below.

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