The Hunter

Earn Serious Cash Killing Parrots

Unidentified parrots have invaded Fission City and it’s your job to rid the metropolis of these unwanted birds. Your job is to kill every parrot you see on the screen.  That’s right, every single last one of those little jerks.  For each parrot you destroy, you’ll earn $5.00.  You can pretty much shoot at anything you want in the environment, but if you go around blasting some objects, you’ll have to pay a fine, so be careful what you shoot at.  You can shoot at people too, but that’s not going to end well for you if you do.  Also, the parrots like to fly with other birds, and killing the surrounding birds will lose you money, so be sure to aim and shoot carefully so you don’t hit the other birds.

You need to earn $50 or more to complete each stage.  The stages will get progressively more difficult and shooting the parrots will as well.  You begin the game with $200 and you have 20 bullets, so use both sparingly.   After each level, you can take the money you earned hunting parrots and invest it in the bank, gamble it at the casino, or buy stocks.  You can seriously increase your bankroll if you do this properly, or you can lose everything and be a bum.

Game Instructions:

  • Use your mouse to aim the crosshairs.
  • Left mouse click to shoot
  • Earn at least $50 in bird killing commissions to advance.
  • Invest your money and become a billionaire.

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