Target Practice

Test your target shooting skills with Logun S16s

It’s time to get geared up and grab your Logun S16S rifle.  If you love hunting, shooting, excitement and adventure, this is your game.  With three stages and levels of difficulty, you’ll quickly be separated from the men if you don’t bring your A game.

• Rookie – A good beginner level.  Get comfortable with the weapon operation before moving on to harder levels
• Veteran – The middle level.  More targets and they move fast so you need to be quick on the trigger and with reloading
•  Hardcore – The final level.  Even quicker and more targets.  Less ammunition so you better be spot on with your shot placement.  This is where the big boys come to shoot.

Game Instructions:
• Use the left mouse button to fire the Logun S16s. The closer you are to the targets, the more points you can score.

• Reload your rifle using the spacebar. You can also use the scope shot to get more points.  Enable the scope shot feature by pressing Q on the keyboard.

• Accuracy is a factor as usual.  Make sure you’re not missing many targets and you’ll be rewarded with a bonus.

We think you’ll have a lot of fun with this target shooting game.  Be sure to post your high scores in the comments below the game.


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