Supreme Deer Hunting

Test Your Online Hunting Expertise with Supreme Deer Hunting

Welcome to Supreme Deer Hunter, one of the most fun and popular free hunting games featured on the site.  You’re going to love this game, as it’s just stripped down deer hunting game, but the action and game play are really fun.  You get to hunt for a season and you can accumulate points each day by shooting various kinds of deer.  The big buck kills will get you the most points, but they’re the most elusive deer.  You can also build up points with head shots, running shots, and kill zone shots.  Once you have enough points, you can upgrade your weapons, ammunition, scopes, and even buy a rocket launcher.  Yeah, that’s really fair.  Hunting deer with a rocket launcher.  What kind of freaks designed this hunting game anyway?  All said, it’s a really fun deer hunt and you’ll probably rank it in the top 5 games on the site.

Game Instructions & Tips:

  • Use your mouse to place the crosshair on the deer you want to shoot.
  • Once you have it in your sights, press the left mouse to shoot.
  • You can zoom in by pressing the S key once you have the deer sighted
  • Patience is key, because you don’t always want to shoot the first deer that shows up.  It may be a doe, which will get you less points than a buck or big buck.

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