Stihl Chop a Log

Test Your Lumberjack Skills

Stihl Chop a Log is another fun addition to our free hunting games collection.  This is a log chop skill challenge where you have to chop as many logs as you can in each level.  It’s very similar to the old “whack a mole” game you probably played at the carnivals as a kid.   The key to this game is to make sure your axe is on the same level as the log as it pops up.  If you’re above or below the log, it won’t register a hit and you won’t get the points.   Hit the required amount of logs to advance to the more difficult levels.

Game Instructions:

As the logs appear on the stands, use your mouse to quickly move to the log and click the left click button to chop.  You need to align the axe head directly with the log or your chop will miss.

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