Pheasant Hunting

An Interactive Bird Hunting Challenge

Complete each level of Pheasant Hunting by shooting as many pheasants as you can.  You must score at least 1000 points to move on to the next round.  Shoot only the roosters, not the hens.  If you shoot a hen, you will have points taken off of your total.

Game Instructions:

The pheasants are extremely quick, so be ready with a quick trigger finger and focus on your targets. You gain 100 points for shooting a rooster and lose 100 points for hitting a hen. You will have to kill 10 roosters to move to the next level.

  • Use the mouse to aim on the roosters and left click to fire the gun. Make sure you only shoot the roosters, and that you can tell the difference between the roosters and hens
  • Put the mouse on the rooster and shoot it to score points.

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