Paintball Scramble

There’s nothing like grabbing some high powered paintball guns and heading out into the back woods to blast your closest friends. Now you can enjoy the thrill of paintball gaming right on your computer. Make your way through each level, shooting your opponents before they hit you. Keep in mind that there may be more than one person trying to shoot at you so you’ll need to stay alert. Don’t forget to stock up on ammo as you progress. Your paintball gun is accurate from a long range, so the trick is to stay far enough back to where you can just see the enemy and hit them from a distance, keeping you safe behind cover.

Game Instructions & Tips:

  • Move and splatter opponents using the control keys.
  • Run through boxes of paintballs to earn more ammo.
  • Run through Realtree logos and paintball boxes for additional perks
  • Collect the flag to move to the next level.

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