Outdoors Shootout

Practice Your Shooting Skills on Various Animals & Critters

Outdoors Shootout is a fun little shooting game that all hunting enthusiasts will enjoy.  There’s animals of all types from rabbits, possum, turkeys, birds, crows, rats, squirrels and more, so you’re not going to have a shortage of targets to shoot at. You have a single action shotgun, so you only have one shot and then it reloads.  Keep an eye on the wind direction because it can affect your shots.  Hit the larger animals for more points and try to get enough points for a reload.  Happy hunting and don’t forget to post your high score in the comments area below the game.

Game Instructions:

  • Aim at the targets using your mouse.
  • Moving the mouse off screen allows you to pan to the left and right
  • Left mouse button fires the weapon.
  • You must wait until the shotgun is reloaded before shooting again
  • Reach the minimum point total to get an extra reload.

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