Hunters World

Experience the Thrill of the Hunt!

Get ready for an exciting hunting game adventure.  Hunters World is filled with real life hunting action where you silently stalk bears, deer and other animals and try to get the perfect shot to take them down.  The spectacular graphics and realistic game play make this an unbelievable online hunting experience.   Step into the wilderness and see if you have the hunting skills to survive against brown bears, large bucks and other intimidating creatures.

Game Instructions:
• Multiple animals will appear on the screen as targets. Use your mouse to put the crosshairs on the animal you want to target.  Use the left mouse button to fire your rifle.  The longer range shots will yield more points, and you can zoom in with your scope by pressing the space bar.
• If you want to score high, be careful with your movements.  The animals spook easily and moving too quickly will make them run away before you can get a shot.
• If you shoot at a bear and don’t kill it in one shot, it’s going to attack you.  In order to defend yourself  you must use your knife.  When the bear is charging, press your left mouse button when the meter is in the green section.  This will fend off the bear.  If you time it poorly, the bear will maul you and you will lose points.   Too many bear attacks and you will lose the game
• Be cautious of your ammunition and keep a close eye on how much you have left.  You only get 20 rounds, so use them sparingly and be sure to kill everything in one shot.

See if you have what it takes to survive in a Hunters World, and if you make a good score, post it below in the comments section.

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