Hunted Forever

You’re In a Race for Your Life!

Welcome to Hunted Forever where it’s your goal to run through the underground maze of caverns and caves and come out alive on the other side, while collecting tools and gadgets. If you’re able to make it to a safe house alive, you can then purchase upgrades which will assist you in making it to higher levels.  Be wary, throughout your journey there is a killer robot following your every move.  It’s big, it’s bad, and it’s got laser weapons that will fry your butt to a crisp if they touch you.  Oh and it also drops bombs too, so even if you are able to hide  under the cave overhangs, you’ll likely become a meat waffle if the bombs come too close to your position.  Only after the robot of death is done firing it’s weapons, is it safe to get on the run again.  You better learn how to climb the walls and jump down crevasses without dying, or you won’t stand a chance in this game.

Game Instructions

• Use the left & right arrow keys to move and the up arrow to jump. Use your mouse to purchase skill upgrades when you reach the safe houses.

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