Fawn Hunter

Blast Some Deer in Fawn Hunter

If you’re a Bambi lover, you’re probably going to hate Fawn Hunter, because you really get to blow away some deer in this simple deer hunting game.  It’s not too complicated really.  You’ve got a rifle, the deer come in from the right and the left.  When you see em, shoot em.  Unfortunately it gets a little boring after a while because the deer don’t run in very fast and they don’t vary their locations, so you can just sit there and blast away.  There’s some cool blood and guts when you shoot a deer and it explodes. Waste a few minutes and see how many you can shoot.

Game Instructions:

  • Press Start to begin hunting.
  • Place your rifle’s crosshairs on the deer by using the mouse.
  • Shoot the deer by pressing the mouse left click button.
  • Reload your ammo by clicking on the “reload” button in the bottom right
  • Don’t let any deer get away or the game is over.


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