Duck Shooter

Become a Pro Duck Shooter

Try your hand at a really fun duck shooting game.  This no frills hunting game is a simple skeet shooting style game that will have you pulling your hair out at how tough it really is.  Make your way through 20 duck hunting seasons, where each level gets progressively more difficult.  You’ll need to have quick reflexes with your shotgun if you want to kill the required number of ducks in each season to move on to the next.   You have 3 difficulty levels to pick from at the start of the game, but trust us when we say the “Eagle Eye” level is no joke.  You need to be a seriously good shot to take on this level.  You have unlimited ammunition in each round, and you will need it.  If you don’t complete a round you get additional attempts before your game is over.   If you can manage to shoot more than the required duck amount in a round, you get bonus points for each additional duck killed.

Game Instructions:

  • Select the game level you want to begin with.  New Hunter is the easiest, I Am Good is intermediate and Eagle Eye is the most difficult shooting level.
  • Select the first season.  Other seasons will unlock as you progress through the game
  • Use your mouse to control the green cross hairs
  • Place the cross hairs on a duck sitting in the water
  • Left Mouse Click to shoot.
  • You can shoot one bird in the water, then they will all be in the air where you have to shoot the remaining number to pass the level.

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