DoDo Hunt

DoDo Hunter – The Exclusive Gaming Experience

DoDo Hunter is one of our more simple hunting games. However, it requires good hand eye coordination if you want to score well. There’s four difficulty levels, but nearly anyone can play all of the levels with ease. Starting out you’ll only have a couple of birds to target, but as you progress through DoDo Hunt, more birds will appear and you’ll soon have a multitude of bird targets to shoot at.  It’s easy at first, but this game gets tough very fast.

Game Instructions:

  • Use the mouse to aim at the crosshairs at the DoDo birds.
  • Once you’ve got a good aim, press the left mouse button to fire at the birds.
  • Use your shots wisely as you will run out of ammo if you just go shooting all over the place
  • Stay focused and aim smartly and you will make a great score. Enjoy the DoDo Hunt shooting game

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