Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting is the most popular game on the site, as voted by you, the players. Brought to you by ESPN Games, this amazing deer hunting simulation will give you the feeling of a real hunt, with the different hunting environments, guns & equipment, and gear that you would expect to find in a real deer hunting experience. You can pick from different seasonal hunting scenarios as well as choose the location you wish to hunt on the interactive map.

You’ll have various types of gear at your disposal including binoculars, rattles, deer calls and the map. The key to this game, as is in real life deer hunting, will be your patience. You may not find the deer right away. It’s possible that you will have to move around the map locations to find where the deer are located. Even then, you may not want to kill the first deer you find. It’s possible that you may spot fawns, does, and small bucks. Your patience will allow you to wait for the big buck that will get you the awards and glory. When you do find a deer you want to take down, make sure you get it in one shot, because a miss will likely scare the buck away and you’ll have to get back to locating another one.

Deer Hunting is one of the best virtual free hunting games online, so we know you’ll have a great time playing . Don’t forget to post the size of deer you shoot in the comments section below the game.

Game Instructions & Hints:

  • Aim: click the “raise” button on your menu bar to prepare for a shot. Move your computer mouse to aim your cross hairs on the deer you are targeting.
  • Shoot: with your gun elevated, left click on your target with your mouse to fire a round at it.
  • Call: click on the “call” option on the menu bar located towards the bottom of the display. This will let out a call to any deer within the vicinity.
  • Rattle: click the “rattle” button on the menu to help bring in nearby deer.
  • Binoculars: click the “binoculars” button on the menu bar to zoom in on your natural environment.
  • Map: click the “map” button on the menu to get an overhead view of your area.

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