Deer Hunting Fun

How Many Bambi’s Can You Shoot?

Deer Hunting Fun is one of the simplest yet most fun hunting games online.  The objective is pretty basic.  Shoot as many of the deer as you can without missing and make it to higher levels.  The better your kill to miss ratio, the higher you will score.

Game Instructions:

• The deer come in 2′s and 3′s so you have to be prepared.  Use your mouse to target the deer.  Press the left mouse button to shoot your rifle.

• You get 3 rounds for your weapon.  Once you run out, press the space bar to reload, but be quick so you don’t miss any opportunities to shoot.

• Only shoot the bucks, not the doe’s.  If you shoot the doe’s (the brown deer with white spots) you will have points deducted.

• There are multiple levels to this game, and if you successfully hit the bucks, it’s not difficult to move onto the next higher levels.

Enjoy fun deer hunting and post your score below the game when you finish.

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