Deer Hunt

Deer Hunt – Target Practice at it’s Best

If you’re in to target practice skill games as well as Deer Hunting Games Online, Deer Hunt is the perfect game for you.  And trust us when we say that this game may look kind of low budget, but it’s one of the hardest games on the site.  If you score 100 points, we’ll be shocked.  The deer move across the screen at lightening speeds, and they don’t run in a straight line, so you better have some serious aiming skills to blast these little deer.

Game Instructions:

  • Press Start Game to being playing
  • Use your mouse to maneuver the cross hairs on the screen.  Try to place them on the deer you want to shoot.
  • Press the left mouse button to shoot your gun at the deer
  • There’s no ammunition limit, so just blast away until you hit something
  • Keep a watch on the time meter in the upper right corner.  Once it’s totally red, your game is over.

If you manage to score over 100 points, please post your score total below, because we honestly don’t think you can do it.  This game is that tough.  Oh and sorry about the lousy banjo music.  It’s annoying, but you can turn down your speakers.

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