Chicken Hunting

Chicken Hunting – A Stern Test of Your Shooting Skills

Chicken Hunting is geared more toward the younger players here at  The graphics are very cartoonish, but it’s still a challenging shooting game to be sure.  The key to scoring well in this bird hunting game is to focus your energy on the chickens that are farthest away, as they give you the most points per shot.

Game Instructions:

  • Enter your desired name and press GO
  • The game immediately begins, so use your mouse to put the cross hairs on the chickens that are flying away.
  • Move your mouse to the left and right of the screen to move into different areas.
  • Shoot the chickens by pressing the left mouse button.
  • Score more points for shooting chickens that are farther away.  25 points for the really far ones, and 10 for the close range birds.
  • Don’t shoot the plane, or you’ll lose points
  • You only get 4 shots before you have to reload.  Click the nachladen in the bottom right to reload your gun

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