Bow Hunter Challenge

Test Your Bow Shooting Skills in this Challenging Target Shooting Game

Bow Hunter Challenge is an excellent test at your hand/eye coordination, bow skills and over all shooting speed.  The deer targets appear very fast in this game, so you constantly need to be scanning the target area side to side in order to spot the targets quickly.  Hit the center of the bulls eye for 100 points, near center shots get 50 points and outside ring shots are worth 25 points. With some fast shooting you can put together a good score, but you need to be quick.  Use your aim sights properly to judge distance and elevation for the longer range targets.  You have 1:30 or 5 missed shots, which ever comes first.  Then the game is over and your target score is totaled.  Be sure to post your high scores in the comments section below the game.

Game Instructions:

  • Move your mouse to aim the bow.
  • Use the higher sight pin for targets that are closer to you.
  • Use the lower sight pin for farther targets
  • Click and hold your left mouse button.  Drag mouse down (back) to draw the bow
  • Release finger from mouse to shoot the arrow.

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