Big Bird Hunter

Target Big Birds with Your Crossbow to Score Huge

Here’s a fun skill game that will keep you entertained for hours.  It’s pretty simple.  Shoot down the birds.  The farther away they are, the higher you will score.  You will earn from 1 to 7 points for each one you shoot down.  You have a total of 30 arrows for each level.  You will get extra arrows if you shoot down a target of 4 points or higher.  (4 points get 1 extra arrow.  5 points gets 2 extra arrows and so on).  If you finish the level, you will get bonus points for each extra arrow you get.

Tips: The birds will change size.  Wait until they get bigger to shoot.  Also, shooting from farther away will raise your score.  Don’t shoot when the birds protection shield is on.  You arrow will be wasted if you shoot the shield. Have fun playing one of our top bird hunting games.


Game Instructions:

  • Position the arrow by moving the mouse left and right
  • Engage the arrow by clicking and holding the left mouse button.  You can click anywhere on the screen.
  • Aim the bow while still holding the mouse, move it left and right on your target before shooting.
  • Drag the mouse toward the bow and release the button to shoot the arrow
  • The scores you can earn are from 1-7 and if you fetch scores higher than 4 you earn extra arrows. A score of 4 gives you 1 extra arrow and score of 5 gives you 2 extra arrows and likewise you earn more arrows as bonus.

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