Bear Hunting

Bear Hunting Games – Enjoy the Thrill of the Hunt!

This is the hunting game you’ve all been waiting for, Bear hunting at it’s absolute best.  Another unbelievable game brought to you by ESPN studios, bear hunting features a real world hunting experience in various hunting seasons, hunting stands, camouflage, and weapons.   Scour your hunting map in search of the biggest brown and black bear around.  Use your outfitted rifle or compound bow to take down a monster grizzly and become a true bear hunting legend.

You’ll have different pieces of hunting gear at your disposal including multiple bear calls to lure in the biggest bears, binoculars, your weapon of choice and the interactive hunting map.  Patience is a key, as you must be wiling to move around use various techniques to call the bears in where you can take a shot.   This is one of our top rated hunting games, so we’re certain you’ll have a great time.  Please post your kill stats in the high score section below the game.

Game Instructions:

  • Aim: click the “raise” button on your menu bar to prepare for a shot. Move your computer mouse to aim your cross hairs on the deer you are targeting.
  • Shoot: with your gun elevated, left click on your target with your mouse to fire a round at it.
  • Call: click on the “call” option on the menu bar located towards the bottom of the display. This will let out a call to any deer within the vicinity.
  • Rattle: click the “rattle” button on the menu to help bring in nearby deer.
  • Binoculars: click the “binoculars” button on the menu bar to zoom in on your natural environment.
  • Map: click the “map” button on the menu to get an overhead view of your area.

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