Balloon Hunter

Shoot Down Balloons with Your Bow & Arrow

Balloon Hunter isn’t the typical hunting game we normally feature on the site, however it’s requirement for such precision shooting and bow hunting accuracy makes it a great addition to our archery games and skill game challenge collection.  The objective is to use your bow and arrow to hit various balloon targets which are floating in the air.  The higher the balloon gets, the more points you can score by shooting it.  You’ll have to judge the angles accurately if you want to make some of the longer archery shots.


• Use the right or left arrow keys for increasing or decreasing angles.

•  Hold down the space bar for gaining power and shooting the arrow

• You can also use the mouse to shoot instead of the keypad. Go to main menu – options – change control style to Mouse. Left click on the mouse to gain power and release the arrow by the second left click.

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