Animal Hunter

Use Your Bow & Arrows to Become an Expert Animal Hunter

Animal Hunter is a great bow hunting game set in the forest where you, the hunter, are armed with a bow and quiver of arrows.  You are hunting all kinds of animals including rabbits, large birds, hawks, and deer in your Robin Hood tights.  Gain points for the larger animals you kill.  Some animals will give you additional time rewards or stronger arrow power.  You only have 120 seconds to get as many points as possible.  Don’t let any of your prey get away and be sure to shoot them with enough power in your arrow to kill them on the first shot.

Game Instructions:

  • You have 120 seconds to go through the forest and kill as many animals as you can
  • Move across the screen, left and right with the left & right arrow keys
  • Press the spacebar to increase the arrow power strength
  • Press the spacebar to draw the bow back and release the space bar to shoot the arrow.
  • The game will be over when you run out of time on the clock.

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