Aim It

You’ll Need a Fast Finger and a Quick Eye to Shoot These Birds!

Welcome to Aim It, one of our newly added hunting games which we’re sure you’ll enjoy.  The object of Aim It is pretty simple really, you have to shoot a certain number of geese in each round in order to move on to the next, more difficult shooting rounds.   At the top of the hunting screen, the white bird shows how many birds you will encounter.  The orange bird shows how many you didn’t kill and the yellow bird shows how many birds you killed.  It’s not very difficult, but you need to be quick and reload fast if you want to progress through the higher rounds.

Game Instructions & Tips:

  • Use your mouse to place the crosshair on the deer you want to shoot.
  • When the bird is in the middle of the crosshairs, left click the mouse to shoot the bird
  • When you see the reload notice, press spacebar to get more ammo.

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